Chairperson's Guiding Principles

It is my distinct privilege to serve as the Chairperson of Advisory Neighborhood Commission 8C. My guiding principles below will ensure ANC 8C remains best positioned to serve a community whose economic prosperity, educational advancement, public health and safety are inextricably linked to the ANC’s ability to make sound recommendations and to execute strategically developed plans. Our community is resilient, extremely competent, and rich with opportunities. As I assume the chairmanship of the commission, my main focus will be to provide the residents within this community the best opportunity to succeed. This can best be achieved through the establishment of guiding principles, complimented by the commission's core values; Commitment to Excellence, Responsibility and Integrity.

These guiding principles frame my direction and will support the Mayor, the Council of the District of Columbia and the Office of the Attorney General and ultimately the residents of the District of Columbia.

Our ANC is strong, and that is a testament to you. Thank you for the dedication, hard work, and sacrifice you and your families make daily to successfully improve our community. I am incredibly proud of this great organization and humbly honored to serve alongside you as we build on past success and lead our Commission into the future.